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treasure chest_fullAbout Treasure Chest Toy Box


Treasure Chest Toy Box was created as a home for reviews and recommendations for toys and games for the kids in your life.

As a Mom-preneur, I know a lot about what kids are looking for (if it’s a toy – they want it!). So many of the toys offered and marketed to kids today are junk.  Overpriced, Junk.

I research and check out every toy or game that I buy for my family, and I wouldn’t expect you to do any less for yours.  Every product I review, recommend or promote is something I would not hesitate to spend my own hard earned money on.  I don’t believe in selling ‘junk’ just to earn a buck – and while some opinion is involved as to whether a toy is ‘good’ or not, I honestly try to not let something that is poorly made, unsafe or boring for kids to be shared here.

About the Owner

I’m Cathy, a work-at-home Mom, with a family living, for the most part, on a fixed income .

Our family has recently gone through some major changes after my husband was injured on the job, and I had to come up with a way to supplement my husband’s disability retirement without having to work a job away from home.

I have been ‘playing’ on the internet building web pages, sites and graphics since the early 1990’s, but never dreamed I could make my ‘play’ time earn an income.

A few years ago I was introduced to the world of affiliate marketing.  Which just means I can independently advertise other peoples products and be paid if my referrals make sales for the company.

I Love Affiliate marketing for companies that people know and trust, like Amazon.com, Walmart and Target.  There are literally thousands of companies out there that sell stuff.  And affiliate marketing helps them to get the word out about what products they have and would like to sell.

The best part is Everybody involved in affiliate marketing transactions wins.  You, the customer, find items that you want at the best prices, and get to find out more information about them than what is on the box.  The retailers are happy, as they are selling inventory and keeping business moving along.  And for me, I get to stay at home and look after my four year old daughter and take care of my disabled husband.

Do I make a ton of money?  Unfortunately, no.  But I can make enough to help pay the bills and occasionally treat us to dinner out or a special something for my little girl.

You do not pay any more for the products that I promote, review or recommend.  The cost of advertising of any sort is already factored in when retailers set their prices, and when a customer buys from an affiliate link it is no different than if you did not use the special link.

Yes, I receive payment for advertisements on this site if an ad gets clicked on. I also earn a small percentage for any sales made through any of my sites for my efforts in reviewing products, informing consumers and generating sales.

I do not promote, review or encourage you to purchase any item that I would not buy myself. Making a few pennies off of someone’s disappointment is not my idea of good business.  I would prefer to help you in making the best choices when purchasing the toys and games for your family and friends.

If you have any further questions about this site or any products that you would like for me to review, please feel free to message me using the comment form below.

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