Cleverkeet Little Live Pets Bird Toy

Cleverkeet Little Live Pets toy

Little Live Pets Bird Toy

Sammie our six year old got this cute Cleverkeet Little Live Pets bird for Christmas this past year and she loves playing with him.

We named our new little live pet “Sam”, and have enjoyed his antics and the interactive way he can play with Sammie.

If your child has been asking for a Little Live Pet toy, this may be the one you will decide on.  “Sam” our Cleverkeet has several different perches to sit and play on and even a little car that resembles an old railroad push car that he can actually go for a ride across the table or the floor.   Little Live Pets Cleverkeet

We got the Cleverkeet at Walmart, and before Christmas it was just under $50, but it is a bit cheaper now looking at the prices online it is a bit cheaper.

To the right you can see Sammie with her Christmas Cleverkeet.  ( I think she was about smiled out – I took pictures of her opening everything! )

When I went looking to write this post, I was pleasantly surprised that there is now a Pink Version of the Cleverkeet Little Live Pets toy at Walmart as well.

Sammie would have much preferred the pink version I’m sure – but she still loves her Cleverkeet “Sam”.


What Comes With the Little Live Pets Cleverkeet Toy?

So what do you get with the Cleverkeet interactive bird toy from Little Live Pets?  Quite a bit actually.  Cleverkeet comes with the main tray of perches that include a removable long perch that you can carry him around on, and then there is the swing that he can swing and sing on.

There is a feeding station, and he actually bobs up and down on that perch to appear to be eating while he makes ‘eating’ like noises while he’s enjoying a snack.  Then there is the perch that faces his mirror as well.  All of these perches are on the one tray, and you can just move Cleverkeet from perch to perch as you want to.

He also has a little cart that reminds me of a railroad push cart, and when you put him on it, he can actually use his body to push down on the handle and make himself go across a table or the floor.

Cleverkeet Little Live Pets Toy Features

Also in the box is of course the directions for how to operate your Cleverkeet and an adoption certificate that you can fill out with your Cleverkeet’s new name and adoption date.  There is also a little pledge that your child can fill out to promise to take good care of his/her new pet.

Little Live Pets Cleverkeet - Original Blue ColorsLittle Live Pets Cleverkeet – Original Blue ColorsLittle Live Pets Cleverkeet Parakeet - Exclusive Pink EditionLittle Live Pets Cleverkeet Parakeet – Exclusive Pink Edition

Cleverkeet Little Live Pets Toy in Action

We had a little trouble figuring out how to get “Sam” our Cleverkeet Little Live Pets toy to operate properly – it was our error, and once we accidentally figured it out, he came to life and was a lot more fun.  Our error was in not switching out of the ‘try me’ mode and Sam kept repeating the same demo recordings.  Then when we thought we had it right, it still wasn’t working where he would repeat what Sammie said to him.  She was yelling it at his microphone and I think the poor bird just didn’t understand. LOL.

He’s much more fun once you do get the operation and interactive part figured out. Below you can watch a video of us trying to show all of his antics, it’s a bit long, but if you really want to see him in action – and laugh at how silly we look, grab a few minutes of the show.