Happily Ever After High Dolls – Christmas Gift List

Happily Ever After High Dolls

Happily Ever After High Dolls

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Happily Ever After High is located in the far away land of Fairy Tale World. Its students are the teen-aged children of our favorite Fairy Tales.

My daughter turned six this summer and these sweet faced dolls with a wild side have made their way onto her Christmas list this year.  So, of course I had to research them and find out if they are age appropriate for her. With a little bit of window shopping online I discovered that they are recommended for ages 6-15. So yes, they are age appropriate.

Ever After High DollsEver After High Holly O’Hair and Poppy O’Hair Doll (2-Pack)

On the top of Sammie’s list is the twin daughters of Rapunzel, Holly O’Hair and Poppy O’Hair. Each has her own unique style and way of looking at life.

They may be best of friends in the Ever After Fairy Tale World, but the Royal – Rebel personalities each have chosen their own destiny. Holly is destined to her Mother Rapunzel’s fate. While Poppy is a bit more of a Rebel and chooses to forge a path all her own.

I’m sure it leads to a lot of Fairy Tale excitement around the house when these two feisty teens get together.

We will find out just how exciting this Christmas. Yes, After previewing and reviewing customer comments, I am adding this to the “Yes” list of my daughter’s selections.

What Are Happily Ever After High Dolls?

Happily Ever After High Dolls are a collection that were released by Mattel in July 2013. They have been on wish lists ever since.  They are a sweeter looking doll than their ghoulish companion series “Monster High Dolls“.

The origins of the Ever After High series of dolls and toys are based on the premise of the students at a boarding school called “Ever After High”.  The school is attended by the teen children of all of our fairy tale favorites. It also hosts the villains teen-aged children from those stories as well.

Through the dolls stories, we learn what may have happened to their fairy tale parents. The dolls show the children that resulted from the “Happily Ever After” at the end of the story. The stories share how the kids end up when they are in High School. They are supposed to follow in their parents’ footsteps in order to keep their stories alive throughout the generations.

According to the school Headmaster Milton Grimm, if the students don’t follow their individual destinies, their stories will cease to exist and they will disappear forever. This problem is the core conflict of the series.

Sounds pretty interesting, and I can only imagine the folks at Disney coming up with a feature length movie based on the concept one day. But maybe that is just a fairy tale as well?

Meet The Royals of Ever After High

Happily Ever After High dollsEver After High Briar Beauty

The Royals are the teen aged children of the Fairy Tale families in our favorite fairy tales. These teens have accepted their destiny to continue the legacy of their parents before them.

From the names of the eleven dolls below you may be able to guess who their parents are, but some are a little tricky.

I found the list on Wikipedia, because I had to make sure I had the right ones in the Royals. I’m sure over the next few years my daughter will want to collect all of the Happily Ever After High dolls.  So I need to keep them straight!

Ever After High DollsEver After High Faybelle ThornEver After High Blondie LockesEver After HighEver After High Lizzie HeartsEver After High Duchess Swanever after high dolls 2015Ever After High Apple WhiteEver After High Ashlynn Ellaever after high dolls 2015Ever After High Alistair WonderlandEver After High Dexter Charmingever after high dolls saleever after high dolls saleEver After High Holly O’HairEver After High Bunny Blanc

Meet The Rebels Of Ever After High

Ever After High Ashlynn Ella & Hunter Huntsman Doll, 2-Pack

The Rebels are the children of the Villain’s families in our favorite fairy tales. Along with a few with Royal blood but a Rebel personality.

These eleven characters are the ones who don’t want to follow the path of their destiny and choose to forge their own way in a fairy tale world of legacies and twists of fate.

The 2-pack Shown to the left appears to be the only way to get Hunter Huntsman, but the price for the two doll set when I compiled this list was actually cheaper than some of the single dolls. Good Deal!

Ever After High Raven QueenEver After High Darling CharmingEver After High C.A. CupidEver After High Rosabella BeautyEver After High Kitty CheshireEver After High Cedar WoodEver After High Poppy O’HairEver After High Ginger BreadhouseEver After High Madeline HatterEver After High Cerise Hood

Where Can You Buy Ever After High Dolls and Toys?

We found the Ever After High Dolls at our favorite online shopping destination Amazon.com but we looked around and you can also find them at Walmart.comicon, Target.com and even direct from Mattel in their Online Shop.

Mattel, is a long renown company whose divisions include Fisher-Price, American Girl and Hot Wheels toys. As an adult I’m sure you remember many of these from your own childhood. So we are assured that there is quality that we expect from a major toy manufacturer in the USA.

You can find more of the Happily Ever After High Dolls and Playsets and learn more by visiting the Mattel Website. There you can even find replacement parts for your Happily Ever After Dolls and Toys.