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Kids Outdoor Playhouse

Kids Outdoor Playhouse

A Kids outdoor playhouse has long been a favorite in the family backyard because kids love them! A kids outdoor playhouse gives your children a safe place to play, pretend, and an entertain their friends.

This picture is my little girl in her playhouse.  Ours was a hand-me-down from her cousins, who outgrew it before they wore it out.  ( It was handed down to them too from a neighbor who also outgrew it).

It’s probably at least 15 years old, and while the sun here in South Carolina has faded the colors somewhat, this Little Tikes Playhouse has withstood many summers and even more kids playing in and even on it.  My nephew used to like to play Superman and jump off the roof.

Top Kids Outdoor Playhouse For Sale

When I was a kid, I so wanted that play house in the yard.  My friends down the street had one, and we would play house, or school or just sit inside and have tea parties.  Then the boys would show up and the outdoor playhouse would transform into a fort, and we would play so many games of hide and seek, cowboys and indians and whatever else our imaginations could dream up.

It was a haven in the backyard. A place to call our own, and our parents knew where to find us. It offered shade, a little privacy for those secret talks and conspiring a surprise attack. I can not imagine what my childhood would have missed out on, and was absolutely certain my kids had to have one too.

If you are looking for your kids outdoor playhouse set, the best ones available today are previewed below. There are many options for your kids outdoor playhouse. They can have the the full setup with table and chairs, garden gate, kitchen, or even a slide.

My First PlayhouseGet Details

The Best Kids Outdoor Playhouse Choices

A kids outdoor playhouse is a great way to enable your children an opportunity to play and dream, imagine and plan on the life they may have in a house all their own.

You can choose the material from which they are made and what entertainment is included in the playhouses you choose for your kids. There are designs that are more gender neutral,  and those that clearly seem made for boys or a girls.

Little Tikes Deluxe Home and Garden PlayhouseGet DetailsLittle Tikes Home and Garden PlayhouseGet DetailsLittle Tikes Picnic on the Patio PlayhouseGet DetailsKeter Holiday PlayhouseGet DetailsStep2 Gather & Grille PlayhouseGet DetailsStep2 Four Seasons Playhouse – Pink/PurpleGet DetailsStep2 Neat & Tidy CottageGet DetailsStep2 Naturally Playful Front Porch PlayhouseGet Details

More Kids Outdoor Playhouse Styles

There really is no end to the possibilities with a kids playhouse. The girls might like to be princesses in the castle or play house with their siblings, cousins and friends.

Step2 Sweetheart PlayhouseGet DetailsStep2 Play Up Picnic CottageGet DetailsThe Step2 Company Welcome Home PlayhouseGet DetailsLittle Tikes Picnic N PlayhouseGet DetailsPal Play Triangle Villa PlayhouseGet DetailsStep2 Neighborhood Fun CenterGet DetailsStep2 Naturally Playful Storybook CottageGet DetailsECR4Kids Greenhouse Play HouseGet Details

Wooden Playhouse Options

While I love our plastic style playhouse, it was given to us and we couldn’t argue with the price.  But I’ve always loved the wooden playhouse designs and if I had to buy one today, I would choose the wooden playhouse. It just seems to have so much more charm and character than these plastic ones.

The wooden playhouse will probably take a bit more maintenance, possibly sealing the wood with a good water sealer or maybe even having to paint it once in a while.  (What FUN for the kids to help!) But with wood designs, there is always the option of adding on, modifying a plan or adding some other details that you really can’t do with plastic the pre-molded styles of kids outdoor playhouse.


Little Cottage 10 x 16 Grand Portico Mansion Wood PlayhouseGet Details

Just look at this first one! OMG! Can you imagine your little ones playing in a home like that? It’s more beautiful than our home – I might kick them out and move in myself.  I think I would love to even decorate this one for the holidays – I can almost see it with autumn color or Christmas decorations making it even more beautiful.

There are lots of great wooden playhouse designs to choose from – scroll down and see what wooden playhouse is perfect for your kids.

KidKraft Outdoor PlayhouseGet DetailsKidKraft Modern Outdoor PlayhouseGet DetailsSwing-N-Slide Craftsman CottageGet DetailsBayberry PlayhouseGet DetailsSuncast Victorian Playhouse with Porch & Railing, 6 x 8′Get DetailsKidKraft My Woodland PlayhouseGet DetailsKidKraft Outdoor Cottage ClubhouseGet DetailsSwing-N-Slide Classic PlayhouseGet DetailsSwing-N-Slide Hide and Slide Play HouseGet DetailsTrueModern MD-20 PlayhouseGet Details

 No matter what style of kids outdoor playhouse is perfect for your kids, you can be assured that they will have hours, day and years of fun dreaming and playing in theirs.  We paired ours up with a swing-set and a kid sized picnic table and our daughter loves her little corner of the backyard.  I can almost guarantee your kids will too!