Kids Toy Storage & Organization Ideas

Kids Toy Storage IdeasKids toy storage bins and  organizers help keep toys off the floor and out from under your feet.

Have you ever noticed how sneaky Legos are at night? They slip from their hiding place and run under the arch of your foot just as you make a step into the darkness. Those little toy soldiers are just as crafty!

Kids toy storage organizers are a great way to keep toys safe from being broken or lost. They also help teach children to put away their toys.


Kids Toy Storage Ideas

You will find a place for each toy or book. Some have shelves while others have boxes or deep bins for placing toys.  Everything from plush animals to Hot Wheels cars, LEGO (ow!) and Happy meal toys can be quickly put up off the floor.  Bins help keep pieces together or can teach your child that organizing by character makes play time much more fun – after all, you can’t play with your toys when their pieces are mixed into several different toy boxes or bins.

I have been trying to get my five year old daughter to see the wisdom in the sorting and organizing of her toys.  Sometimes she is great at it, other times – like bedtime – not so great. But I think over time and as she gets older she will catch on that having your things in their own special place allows her to enjoy her play time that much more.

Kids Toy Storage – Bin Options

These Kids Toy Storage Bins are great for little kids – they make use of vertical space, and having smaller compartments those small pieces are easier to find than if they were in the bottom of one huge toy chest.

They come in a variety of styles and even some popular character themes, perfect if you happen to have their room decor done up to match.  Some of the more popular styles are shown below:

Kids Toy Storage or Craft Cart

Some of the kids toy storage ideas & organizers are mobile, like this one featured below. We think it is a great idea for babysitters or child care providers as well as for Mom’s who appreciate the ease of mobility.

Roll it from the kids room to the kitchen or playroom so the clean-up is easier and multiple pieced toys can be kept together no matter where in the house you want to play.  One thing this rolling storage cart would be awesome for is arts and crafts supplies – and it doesn’t have to be for the kids – but the bright colorful design would look great anywhere.

Paints, Paper, Crayons, beading supplies and whatever other crafting supplies can each have their own drawer and be moved to whatever room your latest works of art are created in.


Kids Toy Storage Organizers

Add color and storage space to a room with kids toy organizers. In researching organizers for my daughters bedroom and playroom, I keep finding more and more ideas that I love.

The book organizers are awesome.  Instead of just seeing the binding edge on a bookshelf, she can see the covers and choose much more quickly what story she wants to hear at bedtime.

I’ve added more bin style organizers below – Our daughters room is done in Tinkerbell colors and theme, but I wanted to share just how many options there are out there – no matter how your child’s room is decorated.

Kids Toy Storage Come In Various Styles

I love the toy bin style featured above, but if you aren’t a fan of the bins, there are so many options – everything from bath toy storage and under bed storage can be found to help you and your child tame the seemingly growing mountain of toys.

We’ve grabbed a few more items that looked pretty cool and like they may be just the solution to some tough toy storage problems.  If you are looking for more toy storage solutions, there is another great resource that offers many more toy box choices at

The kids toy storage bins and organizers add not only storage space but larger toy boxes can even add a colorful place to sit.  The double duty makes them twice as useful in small spaces.

We really hope these kids toy storage options gave you some great ideas for how to get your child’s room picked up, organized and create a much more pleasant environment for your child to grow in.