Minnie Mouse Bowtique

Minnie Mouse Bowtique Toys and Dolls

Minnie Mouse Bowtique is a complete line of toys designed with the love of Disney and of course Minnie Mouse in mind.Minnie Mouse Boutique

If your little girl LOVES Minnie Mouse Boutique toys as much as mine does, you will Love that there is an entire line of Minnie’s Bowtique play sets and dolls just for girls like yours and mine!

Loved by girls young and old alike, Minnie Mouse has finally gone into business for herself. Her Bowtique toys allow your little girl (or boy) to pretend play with Minnie and her unique taste in dressing up… especially with Bows!

Minnie’s House Playset

Minnie & Daisy’s House 

We had this playset, and my little girl absolutely had tons of fun playing with all the dollhouse like accessories and her Minnie figurines from this and other Minnie’s Bowtique toys.

Watching her play and the imaginative ideas that would come to her as she played “house” with Minnie just blew me away – she was planning parties and asking me if we could send out invitations to Mickey, Goofy and Daisy and Donald. Who thinks of this at Three?!

Great Toy, and Yes, we ‘lost’ (she left it on the bumper of the truck and when I went back looking for it – it had been run over several times) it on a shopping excursion one day and I am definitely replacing it this Christmas (if not sooner!)

Minnie’s Bowtique Play Sets

Sammi & Minnie's Bowtique photo Minnie-Sammi_zps220c0ef1.jpg

My three year old daughter is simply ‘crazy’ about Minnie – as well as the rest of our favorite Disney Mouse characters, but she loves to play with her Minnie’s Bowtique toys a lot.

One of the most recent additions to her collection is Minnie’s Motor Scooter below. She loves changing her outfit and shoes especially, and changing from bow to helmet when going ‘out for a ride’. These Minnie Bowtique toys remind me of paper dolls, the clothes ‘snap’ on in a fashion similar to the way I used to play with paper dolls when I was a kid.

The outfits all mix and match and the only limitations are your child’s imagination and ability to be creative with their pretend play.

Minnie Mouse Bowtique Cupcake Playset

Fisher-Price Disney’s Minnie’s Cupcake Bowtique

This play set includes Minnie, plus 6 snap on outfit pieces and a cupcake tray.  Minnie stands about 4.5″ tall so she is easily held by small hands, and the snap on clothes take playing dress up to a new level.
Great idea for a birthday party gift.

Minnie Mouse Bowtique Tea Party with Daisy

Disney’s Tea Party with Daisy Bowtique

This is the next set on my little girl’s wish list. She loves ‘tea parties’ with her stuffed friends, and with this set she can then have tea parties with her friends Minnie and Daisy.
Set includes Minnie and Daisy, 6 outfit pieces, a table and and tea accessories.

Minnie Mouse Bowtique Birthday Playset Disney’s Minnie Mouse Birthday Bowtique

All Minnie Mouse needs to have the best birthday party ever!

With 17 accessories, this larger play set will make for Minnie’s Birthday Bowtique to be twice the fun!
Includes 5 dresses, 4 bows, 3 shoes plus party hat, cake and present!

Minnie Mouse Bowtique Princess PlaysetDisney’s Princess Bowtique Minnie Mouse

Another set on my daughter Sammi’s ‘wish list’ combines her love of Minnie’s Bowtique and her love of Disney Princesses.

This 11 piece set includes several dress choices, two tiaras, shoes and princess staff. And of course the mirror to see how lovely she is in each outfit!

Minnie Mouse Bowtique Motor Scooter Disney’s Minnie’s Motor Scooter

Minnie is ready for a road trip!
This play set includes Minnie, her scooter, Figaro, her cat, and a change of outfit.

This is one of my daughter Sammi’s Favorites! Just look at the grin on her face in the photo above for the proof of that!

Minnie Mouse Bowtique Pet Tour Van

Fisher-Price Disney Minnie Mouse Bowtique Minnie's Pet Tour VanMinnie Mouse Bowtique Minnie’s Pet Tour Van

Minnie Mouse just loves her pets, so whenever she goes on one of her Fashion tours, she can load up her van with Figaro the Cat and her cute little puppy and take them with her no matter where the adventure leads them!

This 8 piece Pet Tour Van playset comes with Minnie Mouse, Figaro, a puppy, baby Pluto, and their teeter totter, merry-go-round, and a pool for them to splash in.  All the pieces store neatly inside the Tour Van for easy clean ups.

Minnie’s Bowtique Kid Sized Toys

Minnie Fashion On The Go PlaysetMinnie Mouse Cell PhoneMinnie’s Bowtique Shopping CartMinnie Mouse Shopping Cart with AccessoriesMinnie Mouse Bow-Tique Large Teapot Play SetMinnie’s Boutique Glamour Shades And PurseFisher-Price Disney’s Minnie Pet SalonMinnie Mouse “Bowtique” Bowling SetMinnie Bow-tique Talking Cell Phone