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Vtech MobiGo 2

The Vtech MobiGo 2 games are a great new and improved version of the original MobiGo Learning Toy.

This updated and improved version of the MobiGo Touch Learning System, the MobiGo 2 Touch Learning System was introduced in July, 2012.

The folks at Vtech took a great product and made it even better with the integration of the touch screen technology.  Packed full of learning fun, with all of your toddler and grade school kids favorite characters from Disney and other playtime favorites – kids learn and Love It while they are.

Vtech MobiGo 2 Touch Learning System – Orange


Introducing MobiGo 2 – The Next Generation of the MobiGo Touch Learning System.

The same size and feel as the Original MobiGo, but with New Features and Expanded Memory to make learning even More Fun!

List Price: $39.99 NOW ON SALE



MobiGo 2 GamesVtech MobiGo 2
Touch Learning System – Orange


The vTech MobiGo 2 games system in Orange is designed to be a boy friendly color scheme, but has the same great features as the MobiGo 2 games in Pink.

The touchscreen, slide out qwerty keyboard, motion activation and microphone functions are just as cool for the blue and orange version as they are in the pink one.

The MobiGo 2 games use 4 “AA” batteries, and is compatible with rechargeable style batteries as well.  Add the Vtech – V.Reader/MobiGo – Car & Home Charger kit to your order and long trips will become a much more pleasant experience for both you and your child.

MobiGo 2 GamesVtech MobiGo 2 Touch
Learning System – Pink

Here is the first look at the vTech MobiGo2 games in Pink, for girls, now with four play modes! Your child can play with the touch screen, the slide out keyboard, a microphone and motion activation.

With its ‘kid sized’ qwerty keyboard, your child will learn the layout of the letters and numbers of a full sized keyboard in no time at all.

This amazingly ingenious learning toy can be used as an eReader, a photo album and viewer, and a art studio with coloring book.

Add to all this the numerous downloadable games and activities from the vTech Learning Lodge, you know your child will find it hard to get bored with learning when there is so many activities and games to choose from!

Add On MobiGo 2 Games & Accessories

Accessories for Your MobiGo 2 Games Systems

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