Operation The Game Where You Play Doctor

Operation The GameOperation The Game

Operation the game where you get to be the surgeon.  I don’t know of any kid who did not have this or at least play this game growing up.

Operation is yet another classic I’ve rediscovered recently, and it brought back many happy childhood memories.

Classic games get to be classics because of their ability to span generations and still be fun for everyone.

Operation the Game is one of those rare, beloved games that you never outgrow.  It can be handed down generation after generation, and as long as you can keep the pieces in the little storage compartment, and replace the batteries that keep the buzzer and nose operating, this game can be ready for Family Game Night for years to come.

The Original Operation Game

Original Operation GameGet Version Details

This is the version of Operation that I had as a kid growing up in the 70’s and 80’s. The Original Operation Game in all it’s classic glory.

I remember playing this game with my brother for hours on end, until we killed the battery or the buzzer going off drove Mom crazy. There were also the times that I just beat him too much and he would storm off in a huff. My brother wasn’t a very good loser when it came to games.

The game’s objective is simple, remove all the problem’s from the various body parts. The execution of the objective however is not quite so simple.

You need a steady hand because if you touch the tweezers to the surrounding area, the buzzer goes off, the patient’s nose glares red and you, the surgeon, have failed to successfully perform your Operation.

The Newest Versions of Operation The Game

Operation the Game has apparently taken on a whole new generation of kids recently, and while I wasn’t looking came out with so many versions of the game I was blown away!

Who ever would have thought the funny looking patient from the classic Operation Game would inspire all these different versions?

Here are some versions suitable for the younger kids.  Favorite characters like Doc McStuffins, Lightning McQueen from Cars, Mater, and even a 626 Edition from Lilo & Stitch fame.  Choose your child’s favorite character from movies and television for a whole new Operation the Game experience.

Operation GameGet Version DetailsDisney Doc McStuffins OperationGet Version DetailsCars 2 OperationGet Version DetailsOperation Jake and the Neverland PiratesGet Version DetailsDisney Pixar Lightning Mcqueen Operation GameGet Version DetailsMilton Bradley 626 Edition Operation GameGet Version Details

Bigger Kid Versions of Operation The Game

If your child is a little bit older, one of these Operation Game versions will probably be more their style.

From Spongebob to Shrek, The Minions of Despicable Me2 to the Simpson and the Family Guy.  More fun for the whole family with every version you find!

Operation Spongebob EditionGet Version DetailsOperation SimpsonsGet Version DetailsToy Story 3 OperationGet Version DetailsShrek OperationGet Version DetailsOperation Game Shrek EditionGet Version DetailsOperation ShrekGet Version DetailsDespicable Me 2 Operation GameGet Version DetailsOperation Rescue UnitGet Version DetailsOperation Family GuyGet Version Details

Superhero Versions of Operation The Game

Now you didn’t think that Hasbro would forget everyone’s favorite superheros did you?

There is Spiderman, The Hulk and even Iron Man or how about making it really challenging and get the Spanish Edition of the Original, the New or the Spiderman Operation Games?

Operation Spider-Man GameGet Version DetailsOperation Hulk EditionGet Version DetailsOperation Iron Man 2 EditionGet Version DetailsOperando – Spider-man OriginsGet Version DetailsOperando Juego de MesaGet Version DetailsOperation Spanish EditionGet Version Details

But Wait! There’s More Operation Game Versions

I’d be willing to bet you’re as surprised as I was at this point by how many versions there are of Operation The Game. Who Knew that such a simple game could be themed so many ways.

There are just a few more versions that I found, but I’ll be on the lookout for more – after all, it may be a game worth collecting. With so many versions I must not be the only one who loves it!

              Operation Star Wars           EditionGet Version DetailsRudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer OperationGet Version DetailsNightmare Before Christmas OperationGet Version DetailsElectronic Hand-held Operation GameGet Version DetailsOperation Carabiner Keychain by Basic FunGet Version Details                        Operation                       Game PenGet Version Details