Paw Patrol Toys & Figures by Nickelodeon

Nickelodeon Paw Patrol ToysNickelodeon Paw Patrol Toys & Figures

One of the popular new kids programs on television today is Paw Patrol on the cable channel Nick Jr.  Kids love the rescue heroes doing their thing, in adorable puppy fashion.

The Paw Patrol is led by Ryder, a 10 year old boy who is Marshall the dalmation pups owner and the leader of the Paw Patrol pack.  The rest of the Paw Patrol is made up of:

  • Chase, the German Shepard police pup.
  • Rocky, a mixed breed recycler/repair pup.
  • Rubble, whose specialty lies in construction and digging.
  • Skye (or Pistol) a cockapoo with a knack for all things flying.
  • Zuma is a Chocolate Labrador Retriever who specializes in water rescues.
  • Everest, the Husky who can handle any snow or mountainous rescue mission.
  • Marshall, the dalmation pup is of course the fire dog specialist.

Below you can watch a full length episode of the show to get a better idea of just how awesome these pups and Ryder are at saving the day.

Now you can see for yourself how kids would be so excited about these rescue pups of the Paw Patrol, and why having the Paw Patrol toys to lead their own Paw Patrol missions would be great fun.

We’ve checked around with some of the top online retailers to find the best value in Paw Patrol Toys & Figures so that your kids can be part of the Paw Patrol pups’ adventures of their own making.

Paw Patrol Toys – Playsets & Figures

Creating new and exciting rescue missions for the Paw Patrol will be a bit easier for kids to dream up if they have some of the Paw Patrol’s equipment like the Look-Out Tower and or a Rescue Center play tent.

Here are some of the best ways to get started in creating Paw Patrol missions at your house.

Nickelodeon, Paw Patrol – Look-out Playset

The Paw Patrol Look-Out Playset is the center of the canine rescuer’s missions. This is where the Paw Patrol has made their headquarters and the action starts here.

Ryder and the Paw Patrol use this as a base for all their rescue missions and your child can let their imagination run with the big dogs as they plan the next rescue.

This set comes with the Paw Patrol Look Out Tower as well as Chase and his Police SUV. The Look-Out Tower has a working elevator, a wrap around slide and sound and light effects to add to the fun.

Get all the Paw Patrol Figures and their respective vehicles for a real Paw Patrol Adventure good time.  You can get your favorites individually or in a 3 pack set included in the choices below.

Nickelodeon, Paw Patrol – Ryder’s RescueNickelodeon, Paw Patrol – Chase’s CruiserNickelodeon, Paw Patrol – Marshall’s Fire Fightin’ TruckNickelodeon, Paw Patrol – Rescue Racers 3pk Vehicle Set Marshal Rubble, RockyNickelodeon, Paw Patrol – Rubble’s Digg’n Bulldozer, Vehicle and FigureNickelodeon, Paw Patrol – Rescue Racers 3pk Vehicle Set Chase, Zuma, RyderNickelodeon, Paw Patrol – Zuma’s Hovercraft VehicleNickelodeon, Paw Patrol, Skye’s High Flyin’ CopterNickelodeon, Paw Patrol – Rocky’s Recycling Truck

If you just have to have all of the Paw Patrol Team, get them all in one click with the Paw Patrol Vehicle Bundle below.
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Paw Patrol Real Talking Plush Toys

Looking for something a little softer to give the kids? These Talking and light up plush toys from Paw Patrol may be just as much fun and much more cuddle ready. They will all say several popular phrases from the show, and their badges light up when they talk. Very cute, very cuddly and all Paw Patrol. These plush toys are recommended for ages 3 and up.

 Paw Patrol – Deluxe Lights and Sounds Plush – Real Talking Chase Paw Patrol – Deluxe Lights and Sounds Plush – Real Talking Marshall Paw Patrol – Deluxe Lights and Sounds Real Talking Rubble Plush Nickelodeon, Paw Patrol – Real Talking Skye Plush by Spin Master

If you’re not a fan of the battery operated plush, there are smaller versions of your child’s favorite Plush Paw Patrol Pups as well. They are a bit easier on the wallet as well. You can find lots of great Paw Patrol themed at, and  When we were shopping for our favorites, had the best pricing, but since the online retailers have been very competitive lately – check them all to make sure you get the best deals.