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Perfection Board Game

Perfection Board Games

Wow! I had forgotten all about the game of Perfection!

It was only a couple of weeks ago, I settled in for my fix of watching Duck Dynasty and the brothers were having some sort of sibling rivalry competition going on. ( If you didn’t see it yourself, it is the episode called Battle of the Brothers and you can watch it below in a clip from A& ) Anyway, it was an older episode I had missed on the first airing, but luckily they show most of the episodes again – often.

In this particular episode, the CEO of Duck Commander, Willie, is having what appears to be a mid-life crisis event and his brothers, Jase and Jep decide that he needs a “Redneck Intervention” and they end up in a trash talking bickering battle over who is the ‘best’ brother. Which leads to a hysterical “Battle of the Brothers” which includes events like pulling a full sized pick up, eating hot peppers and the finale the Perfection board game competition.

It sure did make me smile to see the Robertson boys playing much like my brother did – slow and clumsy. I wonder if it is a ‘guy’ thing? Maybe the male gender just has an issue with shapes and that pressing urgency of that timer ticking loudly urging you to go faster… faster.. faster and then Pop! You lose.
Perfection Board Game 1989 EditionDetails

This is the classic version I remember, from the late 1980’s. My kids had this very edition, although I think the one I had as a kid was a bit different.

The object of the game is to get all the different shaped pieces into their right places on the plunger style game board.

You set the timer, which gives you just sixty seconds to take each piece and fit it into the corresponding place on the board before your time is up.

The Perfection board game has been around for a long time, and while the principle of the game is simple – mastering the challenge of fitting all those shapes into the board within the 60 seconds on the timer before that board ‘Pops’ and sends all your hard work flying in every direction.

I have not seen the game of Perfection in so long, when it came on the screen I was like – “Oh! I can beat them at that!” It was one of the games that like the Robertson boys, my brother and I used to have competitions to see who could play the fastest. I won more often than my brother – after all I was younger and faster!

Over the years there have been several versions of the game released – they are very much alike in game play, differences being in aesthetics and in size. You can check out all the versions of Perfection board game below – I’m thinking it may be a great addition to my daughter’s Christmas list – she is only four, and it will take her a long time to become a Perfection master like her Mom – but she will learn about shapes and develop a keen sense of hand-eye coordination when she plays.

Hasbro Perfection Fun on the RunGet Version DetailsPerfection GameGet Version DetailsPerfectionGet Version DetailsPerfection Board GameGet Version DetailsPerfection by Lakeside – 1975Get Version DetailsPerfection 1973 Lakeside EditionGet Version Details

See the end of the hysterical Battle of the Brothers episode of Duck Dynasty below.

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