Shopkins Toys & Play Sets

Shopkins Bakery Playset

Shopkins toys and play sets have been all my five year old daughter has talked about for about a month or two now.

So, I had to find out – what are Shopkins?

Shopkins toys are basically little tiny toys ( so definitely not for small children as they could be a choking hazard ) that come with their own little shopping bags.

I honestly don’t get the frenzy over them but the kids? Oh my gosh – non-stop chatter about this one or that one and how they are ‘so cool’!

So it seems that my home that has already been buried in tiny toys will probably be adding some more tiny toys of the Shopkins variety in the near future.

Sammie's Shopkins Toys

I’ve been doing some shopping, and checking out the most popular Shopkins figures, play sets and learning all I can about these teeny little toys, and here is my wish list based on what other parents have shared in customer comments and reviews on websites like and Toys R Us website.

Shopkins Play Sets

Shopkins Supermarket PlaysetShopkins So Cool Fridge PlaysetShopkins Fruit & Vegetable PlaysetShopkins Vending Machine

Shopkins Figure Packs

If you’ve already started the Shopkins collection in your home and have a play set or two, then here is some popular choices in growing that shopkins shopping list.

They really are kind of cute, and one great benefit of these tiny Shopkins toys… They won’t take up a lot of space in your child’s room to store them.

Shopkins Series 2 – Pack of 12 ShopkinsShopkins Season 2 (5-Pack) (Styles Will Vary)Shopkins Season 1 (12-Pack) (Styles Will Vary)Shopkins Series 2 – Pack of 5 Shopkins figuresShopkins Season 1 (5-Pack) (Styles Will Vary)Shopkins Season 2: Two Shopkins in a BasketShopkins Season 2 (12 Pack) (Styles Will Vary)Shopkins Series 2 Bundle: 2 Blind Shopping baskets with 2 ShopkinsShopkins Season 2 Bundle: 5 Pack & 2 BasketsShopkins Shopping Basket – Includes 2 Shopkins!Shopkins Season 1 Mega Pack of Shopkins Mini Figure 20-PackShopkins Season 1 Value Pack – 9 Shopkins, 5 Bags and 2 Baskets

If your little girl is all about the shopping experience and old enough to know better than to put small toys in their mouths, you too might want to check them out.

It seems like all the little girls love them whether for playtime or collecting, and they are affordable enough that you can pick up one or two as gifts or for those little surprise ‘just because’ or a ‘good job’ type of reward for your child.  Want to grab more than one? Check out the Shopkins bundles below to give your collection a kick start![FreshBundle bundle_id=”shopkins_fashion_fun_bundle_001″ layout=”grid” columns=”4″ custom_title=”Shopkins Fashion Fun Bundle” custom_buy_button=”Buy Bundle” custom_cta=”” target=”blank” ]The Shopkins Fashion Bundle includes four Fashion Themed Season 3 Shopkins toys including the Fashion Boutique, The Best Dressed Collection, The Shoe Dazzle Playset and a 12 pack of Season 3 Assorted Shopkins.

[FreshBundle bundle_id=”shopkins_fun_food_bundle_001″ layout=”grid” columns=”3″ custom_title=”Shopkins Fun Food Bundle” custom_buy_button=”” custom_cta=”” target=”blank” ]The Shopkins Fun Food Bundle includes 3 Shopkins Playsets for hours of Fun Food Shopping play.  The playsets include the Shopkins Supermarket Playset, The Fruit & Vegetable Playset and The So Cool Fridge Playset.  My daughter has the Fridge, and she loves putting all of the food category Shopkins in and letting them ‘chill’ for a while.

[FreshBundle bundle_id=”shopkins_cool_and_creamy_bundle_001″ layout=”grid” columns=”3″ custom_title=”Shopkins Cool And Creamy Bundle” custom_buy_button=”” custom_cta=”” target=”blank” ]Get the scoop on how to beat the heat with the Shopkins Cool and Creamy Bundle!  This bundle includes the Shopkins Ice Cream Truck Playset, The Cool and Creamy Collection and The Shopkins Cupcake Collection.